#LovingTheBurg at Copper Fox Distillery

For our first installment of #LovingTheBurg, we loaded up the Odd Moxie van and headed to the Copper Fox Distillery. What started out as a chilly afternoon questioning our original plan, turned into a lovely evening by a bathtub fire sipping spirits crafted in Williamsburg. 


The first face we met at Copper Fox belonged to the lovely Erin. Erin bravely popped the cherry on #LovingTheBurg by telling us a bit about what brought her to the Williamsburg and the Copper Fox, as well as why she's #LovingTheBurg. 

"I use to bartend at a local restaurant and the girl I bartended with knew Rick's business partner. She started working here, I was working on a farm and needed a change so I came here to learn something new. Williamsburg is a beautiful town, the food scene is awesome, and it has lots of good people."

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