Gretchen Headshot Fixed.jpg

Gretchen Bedell

Lady in Charge

Gretchen has been running this small but mighty creative firm called Odd Moxie since its inception in 2009.

Producer at heart, with a keen eye for details and a hard line when it comes to the budget.  She manages teams of freelancers distributed across the country while keeping her clients organized and on target.

Her other titles include Photographer, Designer, Homesteader, Parent, Wife, Entrepreneur, and Ass-kicker.

In her spare time, she makes incredible pictures, creates dynamic graphic pieces, gardens, tends a flock of chickens in the backyard, reads, owns a coworking space (Work Nimbly), raises kids, and occasionally saves the world.

Ryan Headshot Fixed.jpg

Ryan Bedell

Video Honcho

Ryan has been a DP (Director of Photography) and making movies since 1994.  In that time he’s shot footage shown all over the world.  His work ranges from network television and feature length films to local and national government projects.  His partial list of credits includes: Carver (DP), The Oprah Winfrey Show (Operator), The Rachel Ray Show (Operator), US Navy Internal Communication (DP), various productions for the City of Norfolk (DP and Operator), various productions for the City of Portsmouth (DP and Editor), Colonal Williamsburg (DP and Editor), and so much more.  

Ryan has worked with Gretchen since 1996 on countless professional projects, and a few personal ones (they are married with kids after all.)