One Last Shot

The cameras are about to be put away when you hear the dreaded, “One last shot, guys.”  It’s the end of a long day.  Everyone is tired and just wants to go home.  But, “one last shot.”

Or you’re out and something happens.  Something worth capturing.  Something that needs to be filmed.  Something that needs to be remembered.  But dragging the gear out seems like a lot of work in that moment.  Do you leave your camera in the trunk?

Everyone has these moments.  You know you should do X but you are tired, or you have ice cream melting in the trunk, or the team is pushing you to be done so they can catch dinner, or you’d rather be hitting up Facebook, or, or, or.

In these moments, dig deep.  Get the camera out.  Get the shot.  Life/dinner/ice cream will wait for three minutes.  Because when you get the camera out, this can happen: