Gretchen Bedell, our Fearless Leader

Gretchen Bedell, our Fearless Leader

Gretchen Bedell is the Official Lady in Charge of Odd Moxie.  Unofficially we call her the Boss Lady.  

Once upon a time there was a photographer and designer who found herself on a journey to create the most awesome and collaborative creative firm the world has ever seen.  Today, Gretchen Bedell continues to pursue that dream as the fearless leader of the Odd Moxie posse.  

At Odd Moxie we value making money (as most companies do) but we also value people.  We create and design to build people up (clients, employees, just people in general), clarify meaning and make the everyday, interesting. 

Gretchen strongly believes in continuing education and relentlessly pursues her own while encouraging posse members to do the same.  Often she’ll pay for classes or workshops to help the group grow.  Team members are highly encouraged to take time in their work-week to read, follow up on industry news or check out that new business or design book they’ve been meaning to get to, tinker with some new software, or try out some gear they're unfamiliar with.  Through learning we grow and deliver a stronger more researched product to our clients.

In her spare moments, Gretchen can be found playing in the gardens with her family, touring the country in her minivan named Morrison, haunting arts galleries, and helping manage Work Nimbly (Williamsburg’s creative coworking space where she’s a co-owner.)

Gretchen loves amazing visuals, but she also loves the collaborative process of creating those amazing visuals.  While she hasn’t (yet) saved the free world she’s well known as a problem solver and continues to grow and encourage Odd Moxie to be the best damn firm it can be.