Josh Hall, almost as awesome as Spiderman

Josh Hall, almost as awesome as Spiderman

Josh Hall is the Lead Escape Goat (and Other Duties as Assigned) here at Odd Moxie.

Ever since he was a wee lad, Josh has loved Film.  He remembers fondly the first time he saw “Spiderman,” which shaped his fundamental desire to become two things:  a Filmmaker, and a Badass in Tights.  He's been practicing his skills at WEC for two years as a Camera Operator and pinch-hit Director before signing on to the Odd Moxie Team.

As part of the Odd Moxie Capo, Josh works as the Worlds Best Production Assistant and helps out around the office.

Skills include:

  • Making a coffee with only a 45% error rate
  • Professional Popsicle Stick Joke Teller
  • Riding a bike using BOTH hands
  • Crying on command when in pain
  • Putting the toilet seat back down